Beduan Roti | Arbi Stuffed Makki di Roti

Beduan Roti | Makki Roti with Spicy Arbi Stuffing from Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Today, I am presenting the recipe for Beduan Roti, a very unique stuffed roti/paratha from the Kangra Valley region of Himachal Pradesh. This is a Makki Roti stuffed with a spicy filling made with Arbi. The result is a filling and delicious paratha that needs just some buttermilk and white

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Makki di Roti: THE Accompaniment for Sarson da Saag

My last post was Sarson da Saag or a curry made with Mustard Greens from the Indian state of Punjab. When Sarson da Saag is mentioned, Makki di Roti follows immediately as the two as inseparable. This recipe if for Makki di Roti that is made with ONLY Maize Flour or

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