Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer_Bhurji with Bell Peppers

Paneer Bhurji | Healthy, Low-Oil Version with Bell Peppers

My first reaction to this Low-Oil, Healthy Paneer Bhurji with Bell Peppers was simply how colourful and appetizing it was. It is indeed true that we eat with our eyes first. 🙂 And when I tasted this dish, I was simply floored at how delicious it was. For health reasons, I have been

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Paneer Bhurji (Spicy Cottage Cheese Crumble)

Mumbai Street Food or Bombay Street Food in unique in so many ways. It is not junk food  but economical nourishing sustenance. Think about it; Vada-Pav is loaded with carbs but wa originally meant for people involved in hard labour. They needed it. And so cheap. Fill your stomach for

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