Andhra Patoli is a dry dal crumble similar to Usili

Andhra Patoli | Bharda Palya | Vatli Dal | Kadalai Paruppu Usili

Patoli is a classic Andhra dish which can be considered as a dry lentil crumble, and is something akin to Usili that the Tamilians make. Made with soaked and ground chana dal paste, it is protein-rich and filling. I first posted this recipe in 2013 and since then have discovered that it is made in various

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Kairichi Vatli Dal - Mammidikaya Patholi

Mammidikaya Patholi | Kairichi Vatli Dal

Recently, on a Maharashtrian food forum that I am a part of, I read the recipe for Vatli Dal. As soon as I read it, I was smiling because it was nothing but  Patholi, a classic Andhra dish made with soaked Chana Dal that has been ground to a paste. We make

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Patoli: Chana Dal Sabzi from Andhra Pradesh

Patholi is a classic Andhra dish which can be considered as a dry koora or bhaji, and something akin to usili that the Tamilians make. It makes for a great a side dish to Majjiga Pulusu or Mukkala Pulusu. Another great way to eat Patholi is to mix a generous amount in steamed rice along with a generous

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