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Methi Thepla – A Popular Gujarati Special Roti

Methi Thepla is to travellers in Gujarat what Pulihora (Puliyodarai) and Daddojanam (Thayir Sadam) are to South Indians. A roti made with wheat flour, yogurt, oil, and loads of fresh fenugreek leaves, it stays fresh for 3-4 days. The trick to making it last is to use oil liberally in the dough

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Spicy, Nutty Palak Rotis or Parathas (Unleaved Spinach Bread)

I like experimenting with various ways to spice up rotis or parathas. While one way is to use innovative fillings, another way is to add ingredients to the dough to give the rotis or parathas a twist. This week, I tried Palak Parathas that were spiced up with some peanuts, sesame and assorted

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