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Poha Chivda – A Low-Oil, Low Calorie Version – Diwali Special

Poha Chivda ranks among my favourite snacks. Sweet, spicy, and salty, this traditional poha-based dish is a medley of tastes that is quite unparalleled. The only drawback is that everything in it is deep-fried. This Diwali I took it upon myself to make a low oil, low calorie version that is just as delicious as the...


Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo | Nariyal Laddu with Condensed Milk

Today I present a recipe for a Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo (Nariyal Laddu) made with condensed milk. Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is on with full-force. There are many legends behind Diwali celebrations. For South Indians, Diwali starts on Naraka Chaturdashi, a day which celebrates the slaying of the demon. Traditionally, the day starts...


Kajjikayalu | Karanji

Now that Navaratri is coming to a close, and Deepavali/Diwali is around the corner, it is time to think of all the lovely savoury and sweet snacks that are a hallmark of this season. One of the most popular sweets of this season is Kajjikayalu. Called Karanji in Maharashtra, this is a very easy sweet to...