Kaju Anjeer Milkshake - Cashew and Fig Milkshake

Kaju Anjeer Milkshake (Cashew Fig Milkshake)

With the onset of summer, my desire to eat a breakfast goes into a tailspin. I cannot be tempted to sit down to a breakfast in hot an sultry Mumbai. Forgoing breakfast makes me hungry and crabby, so I resort to drinking filling milkshakes as an alternative.

One of my most favourite milkshakes ever is Kaju Anjeer Milkshake. I first had this absolutely delicious drink at Shiv Sagar in Juhu. I used to be a regular at this restaurant so much so that the people there knew what I would want to order. 🙂

Depending on my mood and time of day, it would be Pav Bhaji, Dal Khichadi with Papad with Chaas, or then Kaju Anjeer Milkshake.

Kaju Anjeer Milkshake is quite heavy and since Shiv Sagar served it in a tall glass, just the milkshake would be a meal in itself. And the best part was that I would not miss a meal because Shiv Sagar used to make the milkshake so thick that I had to eat it with a spoon! I have often been offered ice-cream as a topping but have never had the courage to try it because I had trouble finishing the milkshake by itself. 🙂

I tried to make Kaju Anjeer Milkshake just the way I used to have it at Shiv Sagar and came pretty close to the original thing.

How to Make Kaju Anjeer Milkshake (Cashew Fig Milkshake)

Serves: 2

Soaking Time: 30 Mins

Blending Time: 2 Mins


  1. Dried Figs or Anjeer – 6
  2. Cashews or Kaju – 1/4 Cup
  3. Cold Milk – 2 Cups
  4. Honey – 2 tsp (optional, Anjeer is sweet enough)

Method to Make the Cashew Fig Milkshake

  1. Place the dried figs in a small bowl.
  2. Add just enough water so that the figs are covered.
  3. Soak the figs for 30 minutes.
  4. Grind the dried figs and cashews into a coarse using the water the figs were soaked in.
  5. Blend the cashew-fig paste with the milk and honey.
  6. Serve the Kaju Anjeer Milkshake cold.


Kaju Anjeer Milkshake - Cashew Fig Milkshake
Kaju Anjeer Milkshake


  1. Question: Is the fig soaking time 30 hours or 30 minutes? Above in soaking & blending time, 30 hours specified. In recipe itself, 30 minutes specified. I like my drinks smooth, so I don’t want any chunks.
    Thanks for the assistance. Sounds so simple but delicious.

        1. For those who have not made this beverage, I would strongly suggest you do. I did add one 3 inch Tamarind pod to the recipe for the health benefits and because I like their sharp fruity taste. It also added a nice silkiness to the drink. Poured hot water over the pod and then added the figs, placed a small glass lid over the top to keep them all underwater, and let them all soak until soft. Followed instruction and drink was smooth and filling and while having the texture of an ice cream shake, it had no dairy in it.
          As it was so thick, when I came back to clean my blender. lot had pooled at the bottom of the blender. I then added a cup of cow’s milk, and one heaping tsp. of cocoa powder and hit the operate switch for just a second. Poured that into my used glass, added another heaping tsp. of chia seeds, stirred, and placed in the fridge to cool and thicken for 20 or 30 minutes (I waited 8 hours). Now that was delicious also as the remaining fig and tamarind pulp initially thickened my second drink and the chia seeds did the rest of the thickening. I thus got 2 drinks from one, only having to wash the blender once.
          In Summary, wonderful. While I make smoothie drinks, don’t think I would have ever come up with this combination without your help. Thanks again for your time to post.

  2. This looks and sounds delicious! The nuttiness of the cashew and sweetness of the figs is such a great combination, thank you for sharing with us at the Fiesta 🙂

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