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Gyeran Bokkeumbap: Korean Egg Fried Rice

Gyeran Bokkeumbap is Egg Fried Rice from Korea. It is very easy to make and is often eaten as breakfast or then as a quick one-dish meal for lunch or dinner.

This simple yet filling Korean Egg Fried Rice is flavoured with soy sauce and sesame oil.


Andhra Uppu Pindi | Uppudu Pindi | Rice Rava and Moong Dal Upma

In my mind, Uppu Pindi (aka Uppudu Pindi) will forever be a special mother-daughter pleasure that I shared with Amma. Yes, my dad and brother like it too, but Amma and me just loved it. I used to look forward to days when this lovely rice rava and moong dal upma, or Dibba Rotti (a thick pancake made with Idli batter) was...