Onam Recipes - Ona Sadya Recipes

A Collection of Onam Sadya Recipes

This year Onam will be celebrated from September 6, 2017. Celebrated in Kerala as a 10-day festival of which the last 4 days are the most important. For me one of the most wonderful sights during Onam is the Pookalam or an elaborate rangoli made with flowers. One of the main

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Palada Pradhaman – Onam Special Recipe from Kerala

Palada Pradhaman is a delicious traditional kheer (milk pudding) made with ada or steamed rice flour flakes.

This time around, I even made the Ada at home.

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Kalan – Onam Sadya Special

Onam, one of Kerala’s most important festivals, is just around the corner. It has always been my wish to cook  a full sadya (festive meal) on Onam but for assorted reasons it has not been possible. This year too, I will be away at a Gruhapravesham on Onam and so making

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