Velakkaya Bellam Pachadi | Wood Apple Chutney

Teepi Velakkaya Bellam Pachadi | Sweet Wood Apple Chutney with Jaggery

Velakkaya Bellam Pachadi is a sweet and tangy chutney made with Wood Apple and Jaggery. This recipe was suggested by a reader named Sudha Devnath as a comment to my Velakkaya Perugu Pachadi recipe. She is due to share her recipe with me and I am waiting eagerly for it.

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Velakkaya Perugu Pachadi or Wood Apple Yogurt Chutney

Velakkaya Perugu Pachadi | Wood Apple Yogurt Chutney – Andhra Recipe

Velakkaya Perugu Pachadi is a very popular dish in Andhra Pradesh and a great favourite in my family.

Velakkaya is known as Wood Apple in English and Kaith in Hindi. It is tangy and in Andhra, we make chutneys out of it.

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