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North Indian Style Poha with Deep Fried Potatoes and Peanuts – Sunday Morning Indulgence

We make the traditional Maharashtrian Kanda Pohe once every week for breakfast. If we are in a mood for something different, then I make the Vangi Pohe, Indori Poha or then Masala Poha. Today, I made a North Indian Style Poha with Fried Potatoes and Peanuts that my sister-in-law makes; it made for a

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Vangi Pohe – Beaten Rice with Brinjals

I am a person who generally loves temples (actually any place of worship). I rarely miss an opportunity to visit a place of worship anywhere in the world. It happens so often even on vacations that I often promise  myself that I will NOT visit temples on a particular trip. 🙂 One great thing about

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Indori Poha (Poha from Indore)

Indore. I have very fond memories of this city. While Bhopal is the administrative capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh,  Indore is its cultural capital. Indore is a city that I came upon late in life; courtesy my mother. Amma was in-charge of a large project in this city and would travel

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Masala Pohe (Beaten Rice with Tomato)

I try to find as many different breakfasts as I can to avoid monotony. I learnt this version of pohe from my North Indian friends and my father likes it because it is more moist than the conventional kanda pohe/batata pohe. Ingredients Pohe/Beaten Rice – 1 Cup Tomato – 1 Small

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