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Besan Laddoo

It is Dhana Trayodashi/Dhanteras today, the first of Diwali. Today, I made Besan Laddoo, a sweet that I love. I made it great abundance this year and will share it with family, friends and colleagues at work. 🙂 Makes: 12-15 Besan Laddus Ingredients Besan/Gram Flour/Senaga Pindi – 2 Cups Ghee/Clarified Butter/Neyyi – 1/2 Cups Green Cardamom – 4...


Piyush (A Sweet Drink with Shrikhand)

Maharashtrians always have Shrikhand for festive meals. In addition to serving it with Puri, in Maharashtra, Shrikhand is also transformed into a delicious drink called Piyush. I first discovered this wonderful drink at Prakash, that venerable food place near Shiv Sena Bhavan, Mumbai, which is home to a traditional Maharashtrian snacks. It was when I went there with my...


Shrikhand with Kesar and Pista

Living in Maharashtra means encountering delicious Shrikhand on every festive occasion.:-) Among my childhood memories are my Ammamma (maternal grandmother) ordering chakka (strained yoghurt) by the kilo and then getting us grandchildren to churn it into the smooth paste it needs to become before it can be made into yummy Shrikhand! The attraction for us to help...


Kajjikayalu | Karanji

Now that Navaratri is coming to a close, and Deepavali/Diwali is around the corner, it is time to think of all the lovely savoury and sweet snacks that are a hallmark of this season. One of the most popular sweets of this season is Kajjikayalu. Called Karanji in Maharashtra, this is a very easy sweet to...

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