Spicy French Beans Poriyal or Thoran with a Difference

French Beans Poriyal or Thoran with a Difference
French Beans Poriyal or Thoran with a Difference

The traditional French Beans Poriyal or Thoran uses only grated coconut as garnish. This version of this classic dish is a bit more spicy and uses ajwain or carom seeds for flavouring.

Do try it; it goes well with both rotis and rice!

Serves: 4

Time: 45 Minutes


  1. French Beans – 300 gms
  2. Grated Coconut – 1/3 cup
  3. Ajwain or Carom Seeds – 1 tsp
  4. Mustard Seeds – 1/2 tsp
  5. Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tsp
  6. Red Chilli Powder – 1/2 tsp
  7. Turmeric – 1/4 tsp
  8. Oil – 1 tbsp
  9. Curry Leaves – A Few
  10. Salt to Taste


  1. Wash and dry the french beans.
  2. Chop and discard the ends.
  3. Cut the beans into 1/4″ pieces.
  4. In a wok or kadhai, heat the oil.
  5. Add mustard seeds and wait till they splutter.
  6. Add the carom and cumin seeds.
  7. Stir-fry for 10 seconds.
  8. Add the curry leaves and turmeric.
  9. Stir-fry for 5 seconds.
  10. Add the french beans.
  11. Stir-fry till the beans are tender.
  12. Turn off the heat.
  13. Add the red chilli powder and salt.
  14. Mix well.
  15. Add the grated coconut.
  16. Mix well.
  17. Serve warm with rotis or rice!



    1. Hi Aneela, A simple veg stir fry with grated coconut garnish is called a poriyal in Tamil Nadu, thoran in Kerala ana if I am not mistaken, Palya in Karnataka. It is often made with Cabbage, Cabbage + Carrot, French Beans, French Beans + Carrot, Raw Banana and Beetroot.

  1. Love green beans and I noted the ajwain too, I usually use cumin. I will have to try it with the ajwain especially since winter is creeping up on us in the US.

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