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In all Andhra meals, the first morsel is typically a pachadi/chutney or podi mixed with rice and ghee/sesame oil. This first morsel, called modati mudda, is said to get your digestive juices flowing and helping you digest the meal to follow. So we, will have a pachadi with almost every meal, and one of my favourites is Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for rice.


Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice
Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

Coming back to the concept of modati mudda, I also think it is an ingenious way to get several healthy ingredients into a meal. Think of Karivepaku Podi | Curry Leaf Chutney Powder, Kandi Podi | Spiced Lentil Powder, or Nuvvula Podi | Sesame Powder. All of them have outstanding nutrient value and  is by far one of my favourite pachadis.

As for the Kobbari Pachadi, it is very easy to make and many a time, when we need a light meal, we may just have this Andhra Coconut Chutney with rice, rasam and dahi. In my home, we just used chillies and a touch of tamarind to flavour this chutney. However, I know that there are variations out there that use coriander seeds and other spices. I will write that recipe sometime soon.

The best way to enjoy Kobbari Pachadi is to mix it with some hot rice and ghee; or then use it as a side dish for curd rice. I also make it on Vinayaka Chaviti as an accompaniment for Undrallu | Kudumulu.

I had first posted this recipe many years ago and am updating it today with new pictures. At that time, I was relatively new to blogging and quite obsessed with it as is evident from this line: “I was reminded of this recipe when I had this pachadi at a resort where I am staying in Kerala. Yes, I am on vacation and yet blogging! Anyway, as the others snooze in the cosy confines of our floating cottage on Lake Ashtamudi, dreaming of houseboat rides, I blog.”

Recipe for Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

Kobbari Pachadi is a coconut chutney that is savoured with rice and ghee in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Accompaniment
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh, Indian, Telangana
  • 1/2 Cup Finely Chopped Coconut Pieces (~70 gms)
  • 2 tbsp Udad Dal (~30 gms)
  • 3-4 Red Chillies (Spicy ones, preferred)
  • 1 Flake Tamarind (or 1/4 tsp thick tamarind paste)
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • 2 tsp Oil
  • Salt to Taste
For Tempering
  • 1 tsp Oil (Sesame oil preferred)
  • 1 tsp Mustard Seeds
  • 1-2 Red Chillies
  • 4-5 Curry Leaves
  • In a small kadhai, heat 2 tsp oil.
  • Add udad dal and fry till light golden brown.
  • Add the red chillies and continue to stir-fry for 1/2 a minute till the chillies start to change colour. The udad dal will also fry a little more.
  • Take off the heat. 
  • Add the turmeric and mix well.
  • Grind the coconut with the fried udad dal, chillies, tamarind and salt to a coarse paste. Use a little water if required.
  • In a ladle, heat 1 tsp oil.
  • Add mustard seeds and let them crackle.
  • Add the split red chillies and curry leaves.
  • Stir-fry for a few seconds till the chillies and curry leaves change colour.
  • Add the tempering to the chutney and mix well.
  • Serve with hot rice and ghee.
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How to Make Kobbari Pachadi | Andhra Coconut Chutney for Rice

  1. Cut the coconut into small pieces (about 1/4″). We do not grate the coconut because we need a grainy chutney. Grated coconut when ground will become a smooth paste. 
  2. In a kadhai, over medium heat, heat 2 tsp oil.
  3. Add the udad dal and stir-fry the dal till it is light golden brown.
  4. Turn the heat to low and add the split red chillies.
  5. Stir-fry for a few seconds.
  6. Turn off the heat.
  7. Add turmeric and mix well.
  8. Grind the coconut, fried udad dal, red chillies, turmeric, tamarind, and salt with a little water into a coarse paste.
  9. In a ladle, heat 1 tsp oil.
  10. Add mustard seeds and stir-fry till they crackle.
  11. Add split red chillies and curry leaves, and stir-fry for a few seconds.
  12. Add the tempering to the pachadi, and mix well.
  13. Serve with hot rice and ghee.
Andhra Kobbari Pachadi
Andhra Kobbari Pachadi

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