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Nalla Kharam – Spicy Podi for Idli, Dosa or Rice!

Think of a spicy accompaniment for Idli or Dosa, and most people think of the traditional, Khara Podi (aka Molaga Podi). My favourite, however, is Andhra Nalla Kharam; a name which literally means Black Chilly Powder. 🙂 The relatively bland Idli or Dosa serves as the perfect vehicle to enjoy this absolutely

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Super Soft White Idlis

Idli….a simple, steamed dumpling synonymous with South India.  In South India, we don’t think twice about making Idlis, but the rest of India goes into paroxysms of delight at the sight of an idli. You have to just visit any Udupi outlet in Matunga in Mumbai to witness the craze for Idli.

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