Treats with Raw Mangoes

Summer is here and raw mangoes abound. You could make oh-so-many delicious treats with them; from chutneys to salads to rice to dal.

Here  are some recipes that make good use of raw mangoes:


  1. Lovely Mango recipes, Aruna. I have a box of mangoes waiting to ripen I will pick a green one and make chutney with it. Raw mango reminds me of the long mango pieces they sell outside our school with chilli powder and salt. After school a bite of it is heavenly!

  2. Oh, yum! You reminded me how much I love raw mango pickles. And even to just eat cubes of raw mango sprinkled with a little chilli powder and salt… Unfortunate that mangoes don’t grow here!

  3. Very timely post, I just got some raw mangoes here. Unfortunately, the ones we get here are not as sour as the Indian mango, so I can only try a few of the above. 🙁

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