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Pal Therattipal or Palkova

Therattipal | Palkova – Gokulashtami Recipe

I had intended to make Palkova or Therattipal for Gokulashtami this year but time ran away with me. 🙂 Primarily because I was enjoying a wonderful 5 Concert series in the run-up to Krishna Jayanti. So on Gokulashtami this year I settled for the quick and easy Mosaru Avalakki, Aval Payasam,

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Puli Aval | Chintapandu Atukula Pulihora

Atukula Pulihora | Puli Aval – Gokulashtami Recipe

These past few days have been so busy that I have not been able to try any new recipes for Gokulashtami. But it has been a happy few busy days attending 5 beautiful concerts, working on new projects, learning new kritis, etc. so I have no complaints. 🙂 However, I could

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Belgavi Kunda

Belgavi Kunda – Recipe by Swapneel Prabhu

When I made Dharwad Peda last year, I had written about how that sweet and Belgavi Kunda are dear to me from my childhood. Both these sweets were a once-in-a-year treat when Dixit Uncle (Amma’s colleague and a dear family friend) went on his annual vacation to Belgaum. We do get

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Atukula Paramannam, Aval Payasam or Poha Kheer with Sugar

Atukula Paramannam, Aval Payasam or Poha Kheer with Sugar – Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Gokulashtami, or Janmashtami Prasadam Recipes

Atukulu, Aval or Poha as well as milk plays a very important role in celebrating Lord Krishna’s birthday. This is a dessert that combines both. 🙂

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