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Ulava Charu Biryani (Horse Gram Biryani) served with Dahi and Papad

Ulava Charu Biryani | Kollu Biryani | Horse Gram Biryani

Ulava Charu is a winter favourite in Andhra Pradesh and I absolutely love it. And then I saw the movie Ulava Charu Biryani (nothing to do with the biryani per se) and since then this idea of making this dish has been on my mind. Horse gram (called Ulavalu in Telugu,

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Masoor Dal Biryani

Masoor Dal Biryani – Guest Post by Mahjabeen Sayed

This recipe for Masoor Dal Biryani has been contributed by Mahjabeen Sayed, the mother of one of my colleagues, Afreen Sayed. In fact, the recipe that Mahjabeen-ji has shared is very versatile and can be adapted to make a variety of biryanis. This is my first adaption of this wonderful

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Hyderabadi Qubooli or Qabooli – Chana Dal Biryani

This week, I was looking for a one-dish meal and came upon this recipe for Hyderabadi Qubooli or Qabooli. This is an easy-to-make and delicious Chana Dal Biryani uses very few spices and is superb to taste. All that Qubooli needs as accompaniment is papad, dahi or then Mirchi ka Salan. What I loved about

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Coconut Milk Biryani | Tengai Paal Sadam

Coconut Milk Biryani is a dish that combines two of my most favourite ingredients; rice and coconut milk. I also love it because it is oh-so-creamy in texture and oh-so-light on spices. 🙂 The first time I actually used Coconut Milk to make Biryani was when I made Egg Biryani with Coconut Milk.

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