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Devonshire Honey Cake

Devonshire Honey Cake is a simple cake that celebrates the flavour of honey in the best possible way.

The recipe for this delicious tea cake is easy to follow and I hope you do try it.


Minapa Sunni Undalu | Sunnundalu | Andhra Udad Dal Laddu

Minapa Sunni Undalu (also called Sunnundalu) are laddus made with roasted udad dal, jaggery, and ghee.

This traditional recipe from Andhra Pradesh yields 20 small laddus and is very very easy to make.

Do try it these delicious Minapa Sunnundalu this Diwali! You can make about 20 laddus in less than 45 minutes.


Suji Kakara Pitha from Odisha

While I have always known that Odisha was famous for its sweets like its neighbour Bengal, the range of the sweets has come as a revelation after I started blogging. This week, I got the chance to try another traditional Odisha sweet called Suji Kakara Pitha, thanks to the Recipe Swap challenge that I am...


Dudhauri: A Festive Sweet from Jharkhand

By now most regular readers of this blog must be familiar with the monthly challenges of the Shhhhhh…. Cooking Secretly group that I am a part of. This month, we are cooking dishes from the state of Jharkhand and I chose Dudhauri as the dish to make with my secret ingredients of milk and sugar.  ...