Kobbari Pachadi or Coconut Chutney for Idli or Dosa

Coconut Chutney for Idli and Dosa
Coconut Chutney for Idli and Dosa

In most South Indian households, the traditional coconut chutney rules the roost at breakfast. Made from fresh coconut, this chutney is an absolute delight with idlis or dosas.

Given how often I make this chutney, I was quite surprised to realize that I had not written about it. I had blogged two other coconut chutneys; one which used bhuna dal/gulla senaga pappu and another which is eaten with rice.

Time: 10 Minutes

Serves: 4


  1. Grated fresh coconut  – 2/3 Cup
  2. Green Chillies – 2
  3. Ginger – 1/2″ piece
  4. Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
  5. Udad Dal – 1 tsp
  6. Red Chillies – 1 or 2
  7. Curry Leaves – A Few
  8. Oil – 1 tsp
  9. Salt to Taste


  1. Grind the coconut, ginger, and green chillies to a smooth paste with a little water.
  2. Take the pachadi out in a bowl.
  3. Add salt and mix well.
  4. In a ladle, heat the oil.
  5. Add the mustard seeds and wait till they splutter.
  6. Add the udad dal and fry till it turns light brown.
  7. Add the split red chillies and fry for 5-7 seconds.
  8. Add the curry leaves and fry for 2-3 seconds.
  9. Add this fried tadka/poppu to the pachadi.
  10. Mix well.
  11. Serve as an accompaniment to idli, sada dosa, vada, or upma.


  • I normally chop the coconut into pieces and it works just as well as grating the coconut. You just have to grind for a bit longer.
  • I add about 2 tbsp of cold dahi to the final chutney. It makes it yummmm.
  • You can store this chutney for about 2-3 days in the fridge. Just leave it out for about 30 mins before eating and stir in some water just before serving.
Coconut Chutney for Idli and Dosa
Coconut Chutney for Idli and Dosa


  1. I am surprised how some everyday items that we take for granted are so versatile. I cannot count the number of main dishes that were graced by the presence of this chutney. Simple chutneys like this are the most wonderful recipes that save our day.

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