Kayi Sasive Chitranna | Coconut and Mustard Rice
Kayi Sasive Chitranna is a traditional dish from Karnataka. It is a simple, steamed rice flavoured with a coconut, red chilli, and mustard.
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South Indian-Style Peanut Rice | Verusenaga Annam | Verkadalai Sadam
This South Indian-Style Peanut Rice is simple to make and has a nice nutty flavour from crushed peanuts and whole peanuts.
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Peanut Rice | Verkadalai_Sadam | Verusenaga Annam
Chaddannam | Fermented Curd Rice: Breakfast in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Chaddannam is essentially cooked rice mixed with curd, sliced onions and green chillies, and then fermented overnight. This Vitamin B12-rich, probiotic dish is served as breakfast on hot summer days as it cools the body.
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Chaddannam: Curd Rice with Onions and Chillies Fermented Overnight
Nuvvula Chintapandu Pulihora
This is a variation of the popular tamarind rice that uses Nuvvula Podi (roasted sesame powder) to add another layer of flavour to Chintapandu Pulihora.
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Andhra Nuvvula Chintapandu Pulihora | Tamarind Rice with Sesame Powder
Chintapandu Pulihora | Tamarind Rice | Puliyogare | Puliyodharai
Tamarind Rice or Chintapandu Pulihora is a must for any festive occasion in Andhra Pradesh. In this recipe, I have tried to use precise measures and readymade tamarind paste so that you can replicate the exact recipe.
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Pulihora | Puliogare | Puliodharai | Tamarind Rice from Andhra Pradesh
Kovil Pulihora | Koyil Puliyodarai | Tamarind Rice as Made in a Temple
This is the recipe for Kovil Pulihora (Koyil Puliyodarai) or Tamarind Rice as made in a temple. This recipe varies from the traditional tamarind rice we make at home and so needs a post of its own.
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Kovil, Temple or Koyil Pulihora, Puliyodarai
Nimmakaya Pulihora, Elumichai Sadam, Lemon Rice
This is the recipe for Nimmakaya Pulihora or Lemon Rice from Andhra Pradesh. This one-dish meal, called Elumichai Sadam in Tamil Nadu, is crowd pleaser and very easy to make.
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Lemon Rice, Nimmakaya Pulihora, Elumichai Sadam
Gongura Pulihora | Gongura Annam | Andhra Roselle Leaves Rice
Gongura Pulihora is rice flavoured with a spicy red sorrel leaf paste. This is a delicacy in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
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Gongura Rice | Gongura Annam | Gongura Pulihora
Curd Rice | Daddojanam | Thayir Sadam
A well-made Curd Rice is soft and creamy with just the hint of ginger and chilly. This recipe will help you make the perfect, creamy Curd Rice (called Daddojanam in Andhra Pradesh and Thayir Sadam in Tamil Nadu).
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Daddojanam is tempered curd rice made in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Called Thayir Sadam in Tamil Nadu.
Shakhannam | Satvik Vegetable Pulav for Navratri
This is the recipe for Shakhannam, a Satvik Vegetable Pulav offered to the Devi on the 7th day of Navratri. 
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Shakhannam: A mixed vegetable rice served for navratri
Kobbari Annam | Coconut Rice | Thengai Sadam
Lightly sautéed grated coconut and tempering mixed with steamed rice is the simplest description for Kobbari Annam as Coconut Rice is called in Andhra Pradesh. Called Thengai Sadam in Tamil Nadu, all you need to enjoy this mellow rice dish is some papad on the side.
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Coconut Rice, Kobbari Annam, Thengai Saadam

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