Coconut Jaggery Laddu

Andhra Kobbari Louz | Bengali Narkel Naru | Easy Coconut Jaggery Laddu

Call it Kobbari Louz (as we do in Andhra Pradesh) or Narkel Naru (as they do in Bengal and Bangaldesh), this delicious, two-ingredient, easy-to-make, and healthy Coconut Jaggery Laddu ticks so many boxes. Diwali is a time when, try as one may to control), there is some degree of over

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Kurmura Chivda

Murmura Chivda | Kurmura Chivda: Low-Oil, Crispy, Spicy Diwali Recipe

This Diwali I am restraining my self from going overboard indulging in sweets and savouries. The first step was to make healthy snacks and so here I am with the recipe for Murmura Chivda | Kurmura Chivda. This recipe uses very little oil and yet the result is a crunchy snack

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Rava Laddu Without Milk

Easy Rava Laddu (Without Milk and Coconut)

Now that Navratri is winding down it is time to think of Diwali. How time flies! While I have a great Collection of Diwali Recipes on the blog, I realised that it is missing some popular recipes; like Rava Laddu. So here I am to set that right. My mother always

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Sev Burfi or Singhar Ji Barfi – A Sindhi Sweet – Diwali Special Recipe

Singhar ji Barfi or as it is often called Sev Burfi is a very famous Sindhi sweet. I was introduced to it while I was studying for my engineering degree by my friend Bindu Kodwaney. One Diwali she took me to this wonderful place called Tharu Sweets in Bandra, Mumbai and introduced me to

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