Rava Laddu Without Milk

Easy Rava Laddu (Without Milk and Coconut)

Now that Navratri is winding down it is time to think of Diwali. How time flies! While I have a great Collection of Diwali Recipes on the blog, I realised that it is missing some popular recipes; like Rava Laddu. So here I am to set that right.

My mother always made Rava Laddu without milk, using just ghee as the binding factor. This version can also be stored for much longer than the one with milk and so you can make it a few days before Diwali. The best part about Rava Laddu is that all ingredients are easily available in an Indian home; rava (semolina), ghee, sugar, cashew and kishmish. So you can even make this when you have last minute guests.

Rava Laddu

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How to Make Rava Laddu Without Milk

Cook Time: 45 Minutes

Makes: 16 Laddus


  1. Rava, Semolina – 1 Cup
  2. Sugar – 3/4 Cup
  3. Ghee – 1/4 Cup + 1 Tbsp
  4. Cashews – 10
  5. Kishmish – 20
  6. Green Cardamom – 4


  1. Over a low-to-medium flame, dry roast the rava while stirring constantly till it just starts to change colour. You really to keep stirring constantly as rava tends to burn quickly. Also ensure it does not turn brown.
  2. Spread in a plate to cool.
  3. In the meantime, peel the cardamom.
  4. Grind the sugar and cardamom seeds together to a fine powder. You could also grind the semolina along with the sugar to get a fine powder. I prefer the grainy texture and so did not do this.
  5. After the rava cools, add the powdered sugar to the rava.
  6. Mix well.
  7. Break the cashews into small pieces.
  8. Heat 1 tbsp ghee.
  9. Fry the cashews till light golden brown.
  10. Add the kishmish and mix well.
  11. Wait till they puff.
  12. Add the roasted rava.
  13. Over low heat, melt 1/4 cup ghee.
  14. Take off the heat and wait for about 5 minutes for it to cool.
  15. Mix well. The rava will be like damp sand at this point.
  16. Divide into 16 portions.
  17. Pick one portion of the rava.
  18. Using your fist press into a round laddu shape.
  19. Gently place each Rava Laddu into a plate. Keep some distance between the laddus because at this stage they are fragile and will break easily.
  20. Repeat to make all the laddus.
  21. Let the Rava Laddu rest for about 1 hour. The ghee in the mix will solidify and the laddus will become firm.
  22. Store in a dry, air-tight container.
Rava Laddu without Milk or Coconut for Diwali
Rava Laddu without Milk or Coconut


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