Masoor Dal and Egg Biryani

Masoor Dal and Boiled Egg Biryani

I have already written about the Masoor Dal Biryani by Mahjabeen Sayed a few weeks ago.  It has become quite a staple in my home because it is so easy to make and delicious to boot. At that time, Afreen Sayed (Mahjabeen-ji’s daughter and my colleague) had mentioned that I should add boiled eggs

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A Collection of Vegetarian Recipes for Iftar at Ramzan or Ramadan

Here is a collection of vegetarian (and some vegan and eggitarian) dishes for Iftar during Ramzan.

I dedicate this post to all my friends, who ensured I was never left out of any occasion just because I was a vegetarian.

Many of these recipes do not need a lot of preparation or cooking (some do) and many will result in dishes that will keep a day or two.

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Meethe Chawal, Zarda Chawal or Sweet Rice - Ramadan or Ramzan, Eid

Meethe Chawal | Zarda Pulao Recipe

Meethe Chawal as the name suggests is Sweet Rice laden with dry fruits. It is an essential part of festivities in North India, especially in Punjab.

Also known as Zarda Chawal, this delicacy is also a part of Iftar during Ramzan or Ramadan and for Eid celebrations.

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Lablabi or Leblebi – A Tunisian Chickpea Soup

Since I have started exploring African and Mediterranean cuisine these past few weeks, I have been surprised by two things: The number of vegetarian options that are available (then there are non-vegetarian recipes that could be adapted to become vegetarian). How “Indian” some of these dishes taste. Today, I am exploring

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Phirni or Firni (Rice and Milk Pudding)

As the unusually hot Summer continues, my quest for cool things continues… 🙂 Today, I was yearning for something sweet and cool to eat when I suddenly realised I could make Phirni. I have been meaning to make Phirni for ages but somehow have been side-tracked by something or the other.

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