Traditional South Indian Rice Dishes – Heralding in Sravana Maasam

The coming Sunday signals the start of Sravana Maasam (the month of Sravan according to the Hindu Calendar) in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. This is perhaps the most auspicious of all months and signals the start of the Chaturmasyam (4-month auspicious period). Almost every day of Sravana Maasam is significant for some reason and the Chaturmas  is dotted with festivals.

Festivals mean poojas; and poojas, but of course, are incomplete without food. Rice plays a very important part in all the naivedyam/prasadam and so I thought I would post a round-up of some of the popular rice dishes that are made during festival days.

I am limiting this post to the savoury rice dishes. Sweets made with rice are reserved for another round up!


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