In India, pickle always needs to mature before we can feast on them. However, the wait sometimes can be quite painful, and the temptation to cheat and taste the pickle as soon as possible is overwhelming. This is especially so in summer when we make a variety of mango pickles.

Just to enable you overcome those times, here is a collection of instant mango pickles. Make and eat immediately is the motto here.

Ava Baddalu from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

This is an instant raw mango pickle from Andhra Pradesh. All you need to do is grind some mustard seeds with green chillies, and mix this paste with some finely chopped mangoes, oil, and salt. Wait for 10 minutes, and voila! you have a pickle that tastes lovely with curd rice or dal rice.

Ava Baddalu | Instant Andhra Mango Mustard Pickle
Avabaddalu is a traditional recipe for a Mango Mustard Pickle that can be savoured almost as soon as it is made. I love it because it is a blend of sour mango, bitter mustard, and spicy chilli.
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Menthi Mukkalu | Menthi Baddalu from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

This is a more popular cousin of the Ava Baddalu. In this instant mango pickle, it is the flavour of the fenugreek seeds (methi or menthulu) that adds spice to the mango. It also uses red chilli powder and a bit of mustard powder. This pickle can be made as spicy as you want it to be, and is ideal for those days when you are waiting for Avakai to pickle.

Mamidikaya Menthi Baddalu | Menthi Mukkalu | Andhra Mango Fenugreek Pickle
This is the recipe for a spicy instant pickle from Andhra Pradesh called Mamidikaya Menthi Baddalu | Menthi Mukkalu. This pickle uses fenugreek or methi as the primary flavouring agent.
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Neemki from Himachal Pradesh

I discovered this pickle during my research on Himachali cuisine. Made with mango and onion, this pickle is flavoured with Ajwain, red chilli powder, and just a touch of sugar. I liked the unusual flavour combinations in the end result,

Neemki | Instant Mango Pickle From Himachal Pradesh
This is a no-cook recipe for Neemki, an instant mango-onion pickle from the Indian Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. 
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Kacche Aam ka Hingwala Achar from Rajasthan

Mention Hing and I will always perk up. 🙂 I absolutely love the flavour of hing and when I discovered this instant mango pickle with asafoetida (hing), I had to make it immediately. This pickle has now become a staple in our home, and it can be whipped up in a jiffy.

Kacche Aam ka Hing Wala Achar | Instant No Oil Mango and Asafoetida Pickle
This is a recipe for an instant, no-oil mango and asafoetida pickle called Kacche Aam ka Hing Wala Achar. It makes for a lovely side dish with dal-rice, and celebrates both mango and hing in equal measure.
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Kanda Kairi from Maharashtra

You cannot have a simpler recipe than this instant pickle from Maharashtra. Grate some mango and onion, mix them together with salt and red chilli powder, and you have a pickle on your hand. The spiciness of the onion balances the tanginess of mango perfectly in this relish and it makes for a great accompaniment for rotis. I even slather it on bread. 🙂

Kanda Kairi | Raw Mango and Onion Relish from Maharashtra
Kanda Kairi is a delicious instant relish made with grated raw mango and onion. It is a great favourite in Maharashtra during summers.
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