Atukula Attu | Aval Dosai | Poha Dosa | Sponge Dosa

Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa, Sponge Dosa
Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa, Sponge Dosa

Atukula Attu (Atukulu = Poha or Aval and Attu = Dosa in Telugu) is a super soft dosa that tastes great even when it is cold. Its spongy soft texture is the reason why it is called Sponge Dosa as well. 🙂 Called Aval Dosai in Tamil, it is the base for Set Dosa.

I made this dosa for my father this past weekend because he had a couple of teeth extracted and needed something soft to chew on.

I have cooked both sides of the dosa and have not used any soda. You can choose to cook just one side of the dosa as well.

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How to Make Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa, Sponge Dosa

Makes: 6

Soaking Time: 6 Hours

Fermentation Time: 8 to 12 Hours

Cooking Time: 5 to 7 Minutes Per Dosa


  1. Biyyam, Chawal, or Rice – 1 Cup
  2. Atukulu, Poha, Aval or Beaten Rice – 1/4 Cup
  3. Minapa Pappu, Udad Dal or Husked Black Gram – 1 tbsp
  4. Menthulu, Methi Dana, or Fenugreek Seeds – 8 to 10
  5. Perugu, Dahi, Curd or Yogurt – 1/4 Cup (Preferably Sour)
  6. Soda – 2 Large Pinches (Optional, I did not use it)
  7. Salt to Taste
  8. Oil for Making Dosas

Method to Make the Batter

  1. Wash and soak the rice, black gram, and fenugreek seeds in 2 Cups water for 6 Hours.
  2. Mix 1/4 water in the yogurt and mix well to form a smooth, lumpless liquid.
  3. Soak the poha or beaten rice in the diluted yogurt for at least 1 hour or till all the liquid is absorbed.
  4. Drain and save the water from the rice+gram mix.
  5. Grind the soaked poha along with all the liquid to a smooth paste.
  6. Set aside.
  7. Grind the rice + gram to a smooth paste. Add a little of the saved soaking water, if required. The batter should be thick and just fall off a spoon.
  8. Mix the ground poha and rice + gram mix.
  9.  Cover and set aside to ferment for 8 to 12 hours.

Method to Make the Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa

  1. Add salt to the batter and mix well.
  2. Add a little water to the batter and mix well. The batter should be thick but of pouring consistency.
  3. If required, add the soda to the batter and mix well. Set aside for 5 minutes.
  4. Heat a tava.
  5. Grease the surface of tava with a few drops of oil.
  6. Add a ladle full of batter in the centre of the tava and let the batter spread on its own.
  7. Cover and cook for a couple of minutes.
  8. If required, flip over and cook the other side. I did.
  9. Serve hot with Milagai Podi or Kharam Podi, Tomato Chutney or Coconut Chutney.
  10. Repeat to make more dosas.


  • Adding soda will make the dosa more fluffy. However, I have found that the dosa is very fluffy on its own and so did not add the soda.
  • Udad dal makes this dosa a bit more dense. You can omit it, if required.
  • You need not cook the flip side. My father likes it so and hence I cook my Atukula Attu on both sides. 🙂
Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa, Sponge Dosa
Atukula Attu, Aval Dosai, Poha Dosa, Sponge Dosa


  1. Aruna! I have been hunting for the recipe of steamed dosa we had at Chutney’s restaurant since my husband loved it so much. This looks so similar. thank you. i will try it 🙂

      1. Yeah. I will do that. they also serve sweet coconut chutney with it. Do you have any idea of the recipe. I just pulsed tender coconut with its own water and sugar. It was near but not exactly the same.

          1. No no the dosa was fluffy and spongy. Like what you have described. Served with a sweet coconut chutney. I am sure your recipe will work out just like that. It was cooked only on one side and the facing side was white and spongy. It was served on a banana leaf. Still cant forget the taste.

          2. Not Appam. I know Appam very well. Thank you Aruna. You are not confusing me at all. I am confident your recipe should turn out like that .

      1. I don’t add soda,but I cook both sides, sometimes, I put in onion, and when the health freak mom kicks in, I grate veggies into it.

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