Chegodi: Crispy Rice Flour Rings

Chegodi | Chegodilu | Andhra Ring Murukku

Deepavali or Diwali is a time for lights, fireworks, and of course, loads of good food. Many families will make or order savouries and sweets to share with family and friends. One of my favourite savoury snacks is Chegodi or Ring Murukku.

Ring Murukku | Chegodilu: Crispy rice flour rings
Ring Murukku | Chegodilu

Chegodi is a popular savoury snack that is unique to Andhra Pradesh. Made with rice flour and shaped in the form of small rings, it is popular with kids and adults alike. When done right, each Chegodi is light as a feather and crisp.

You can often find travellers on trains originating from Andhra happily munching on Chegodilu while chatting away with family, friends, or simply fellow travellers.

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You could also make Kodubale; a spicier version of this snack from Karnataka.

Recipe for Chegodi | Chegodilu | Ring Murukku

Chegodilu: A Diwali Snack from Andhra Pradesh

How to Make Chegodi | Chegodilu | Ring Murukku

Andhra Chegodi | Ring Murukku
Andhra Chegodi | Ring Murukku

I first posted this recipe in September 2013 and have now updated it with  pictures for step-by-step instructions and a recipe card.


  1. Love this savoury snack. I have never really tried my hands making savouries like these at home. Guess its important to start learning to pass on the tradition to the next generation

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