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Radhaballavi with Cholar Dal – Guest Post by Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight

This absolutely delicious guest post comes from Jayeeta Chatterjee of Cooking Delight. While Jayeeta writes about a variety of foods, I am particularly partial to her Bengali food recipes. I have an inexplicable connection to Bengalis. Well, honestly, not all of it is inexplicable. My aunt, whom I called Dodda, was married to a Bengali and wholeheartedly adapted...


Gongura Pappu (Dal with Ambada, Lentils and Sorrel)

The word Gongura has become synonymous with people from Andhra. Gongura Pachadi is almost the first dish people mention when they know you are from Andhra, but few have heard of Gongura Pappu. Gongura Pappu (Dal with Gongura/Ambada/Sorrel) is one of my alltime favourites; indeed, there are few Andhras who don’t like Gongura Pappu. I absolutely...


Dal Fry

Dal Fry is my dish of choice when I have to order lunch at work. It is a simple yet versatile dish that goes with well with both rice and rotis. Also, there is comfort to be had in a dish of warm dal fry. I like to eat it best with jeera rice or just by...