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Thai Peanut Hummus – Sweet, Spicy and Nutty

I am a part of some food groups on Facebook that are simply amazing. The people in these groups are ever so encouraging and share some unusual recipes. One holiday I get up and find the recipe for Thai Peanut Hummus posted. Knowing my craze for Hummus, the admin also tagged me. Given the scheme of...


Hummus with Roasted Red Bell Pepper

I love Hummus and I loved roasted Red Bell Pepper, so I have combined the two to make Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus. I know that this recipe is out there and has been done many times, but it is the first time I have made it. I was inspired to make this because of an animated discussion at...


Creamy Peanut Butter

Yesterday, I had this sudden craving for Peanut Butter; possibly arising from thoughts of Satay that I was entertaining. When I discovered Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches in the 1980s, I was in heaven. It became my go-to after-school snack. In those days, Peanut Butter was not available in India and so my mom would make it at...


Boondi Raita

Strange as it may seem, I first had Boondi Raita when I was about 20. I don’t know how it bypassed me till then, but ever since I have been making up for lost time! 🙂 Boondi Raita is very easy to make and is a wonderful accompaniment to Biryanis and Pulaos. I also often...


Shengdana Chatni (Peanut and Garlic Chutney)

One of my most memorable trips in recent years has been the one to the temple of Lord Vitthal in Pandharpur. During this trip, we also visited Tulja Bhavani and of course, Solapur, which was our base. One thing I noticed everywhere I went in Solapur was advertisements for Shengdana Chutney. From a small roadside eatery to large restaurants, every...