Black Chickpea Hummus with Black Sesame Tahini

Black Chickpea Hummus

This is a recipe for Black Chickpea Hummus with Black Sesame Tahini.

This Hummus is nuttier and richer in taste than the traditional chickpea version.

I served it with Lavash.

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Coriander Green Chilli Hummus

Spicy Coriander Green Chilli Hummus

Well, I have become a bit of a Hummus fan; more than a bit actually. You can read about how I first tasted this wonderful dish in my post about plain Hummus. Then I made Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus and now I made Coriander Green Chilli Hummus. Actually I made this dish

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Muhammara – A Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Walnut Spread

Muhammara is a nutty spread made with roasted red bell pepper, toasted walnuts and pomegranate molasses. As I mentioned in the post for pomegranate molasses, I was introduced to this spread many months ago by Garima of Cafe Garima and was recently reminded of it when it was posted on Aromas and Flavours of My Kitchen. One of

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Pomegranate Molasses (aka Rob-e-Anar or Nar Eksisi)

This post on Pomegranate Molasses is actually inspired by two people. I saw the recipe for Muhammara, the Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Walnut Dip many moons ago on Cafe Garima. I was then recently reminded of it when it was posted on Aromas and Flavours of My Kitchen. Given that

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Baklava Rolls – Guest Post by Sapana Behl

One the bloggers I follow regularly is Sapana Behl who writes at Cooking with Sapana. A pure vegetarian, Sapana has the most delightful range of recipes on her blog. Right now I am eyeing her Sweet Potato Brownie. When I requested Sapana for a guest post she agreed immediately! More importantly

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Baba Ghanoush, Muttabal, Moutabal

As I continue to explore the vegetarian African/Middle-Eastern cuisine this holy month of Ramzan, one thing I am keeping an eye on is looking for recipes that don’t need a great deal of preparation or then can be made in advance. Today, I am falling back on the traditional and

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