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Green Peas Pattice - Matar Pattice - Ole Vatana Patties - Maharashtrian Style

Vatana Pattice or Green Peas Patties – Guest Post for Sandhya of IndFused

I was pleased to do this Ole Vatana Pattice (Matar Pattice or Green Peas Patties) as a guest post for Sandhya Nadkarni of IndFused. I am in awe of Sandhya’s fusion cooking. Perhaps because I am a traditionalist when it comes to my cooking, I admire people who happily mix-n-match with awesome

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Batata Kaap – Crispy Sliced Potatoes – A Maharashtrian Recipe

Dal Chawal always seems to call for some fried potatoes to go along with it. Every state in India has its own version of the potato fry. In Maharastra, Batata Kaap or Batatyache Kaap is a great version of potato fry that is made with thinly sliced potatoes dusted with seasoned rice flour and

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