Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo | Nariyal Laddu with Condensed Milk

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Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo | Nariyal Laddu made with Grated Coconut and Condensed Milk
Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo | Nariyal Laddu

Today I present a recipe for a Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo (Nariyal Laddu) made with condensed milk.

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is on with full-force. There are many legends behind Diwali celebrations. For South Indians, Diwali starts on Naraka Chaturdashi, a day which celebrates the slaying of the demon.

Traditionally, the day starts early with an oil bath, donning of new clothes, and bursting crackers. All of this has to happen before sunrise. 🙂 Then starts the multi-day celebration that involves visiting family and friends and having them over. The 4-5 days of Diwali are a whirlwind of activity with family, fun, festivities, fireworks, and of course, food! We make all kinds of sweets and savouries, and share them generously with friends.

Traditional favourites in our home include:

This year we decided to try something different, and chanced upon this quick and easy Nariyal Laddu with Condensed Milk.  It was done in under 30 minutes and was absolutely delicious. What more you avoid the risk of having rock hard coconut laddoos that is inherent with the traditional way of making them with sugar syrup.

You could make this laddoo with either dessicated coconut or fresh coconut. I chose to make it with fresh coconut.

Serving: Makes 12 large lemon-sized Nariyal Laddu | Coconut Laddoo


  1. Sweetened Condensed Milk – 400 gms
  2. Grated Fresh Coconut or Dessicated Coconut – 3 Cups
  3. Ghee – 1/2 tsp


  1. In a heavy-bottomed vessel, mix 2.5 cups of grated coconut with the condensed milk.
  2. On low to medium heat, cook the mix till it starts to dry out and leave the edges.
  3. Stir continuously.
  4. Let the mix cool completely.
  5. Divide the mix into 12 portions.
  6. Grease your palms with some ghee.
  7. Roll each portion into a perfect round shape.
  8. Roll each Nariyal Laddu | Coconut Laddoo in the remaining grated coconut till it is evenly coated.
  9. Enjoy!

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