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Tex-Mex Salad with Cilantro Dressing by Sonal of SimplyVegetarian777

It is my pleasure today to host Sonal of SimplyVegetarian777. Ever since I started blogging, I have followed Sonal’s work and love her collection of vegetarian and healthy recipes. Over the past year, I have noticed that Sonal repertoire has expanded and her palate has become even more sophisticated. However, Sonal’s focus on health never wavers;...


Moong Sprouts or Green Gram Sprouts

I had a couple of requests on how to make sprouts, so here goes. This post deals with how to get moong (green gram, pesalu) to sprout but applies equally to matki, chana, etc. Ingredients Moong, Pesalu, or Green Gram – 1 Cup Water – 4 Cups Equipment Casserole Method Soak the moong in water...