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What is Diwali without laddus! I think there are a couple of reasons why laddus are so popular: you can make them in advance and they do not have to be specially served (just pick one and pop it in your mouth).

Yes, making the laddus can sometimes be a task but then here I am with a collection of easy to make laddu recipes that will brighten up your Diwali!

Some Easy to Make Laddu Recipes

Besan Laddu

Besan Laddoo

Bengali Muger Mithai | Bengali Moong Dal Laddu

Moong Dal Laddu | Muger Mithai

Pesara Sunni Undalu | Andhra Moong Dal Laddu

Minapa Sunni | Sunnundalu | Andhra Udad Dal Laddu

Minapa Sunni Undalu - Udad Dal Laddoo or Laddu

Rava Laddu Without Milk or Coconut

Rava Laddu Without Milk

Maladu, Maa Laddu, Senagapappu Undalu or Pottukadalai Urundai

Maladu, Maa Laddu, Pottukadalai Urundai or Gulla Senaga Pappu Undalu

Quick and Easy Nariyal Laddu with Condensed Milk

Quick and Easy Coconut Laddoo

Chimmili | Til aur Gur ke Laddu


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