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This year Onam will be celebrated from August 25, 2018. Celebrated in Kerala as a 10-day festival of which the last 4 days are the most important. As with all Indian festivals, Onam is celebrated with a traditional meal called Onam Sadya or Onasadya. Here are a few Onam Sadya recipes that you could try:

For me one of the most wonderful sights during Onam is the Pookalam or an elaborate Rangoli made with flowers. One of the main tourist attractions in this season is the snake boat race, called Vallamkali, the most famous of which is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race held near Alappuzha (Alleppey).

Olan Kalan Mathanga Erissery  Carrot Beans Thoran
Olan - Kerala Onam Sadya
Kalan - Onam Sadya Special
Mathanga Erissery - Kerala Onam Sadya Special Recipe
Beans and Carrot Poriyal or Thoran
Cabbage Thoran Beans Thoran Avial Green Papaya Avial
 Cabbage Thoran, Muttaikose Poriyal or Cabbage Kobbari Kura
 French Beans Poriyal or Thoran
 Avial | Aviyal - Mixed Vegetable Stew from Kerala
 Paccha Papaya Avial Kootan
Parippu Curry  Mambhazha Puliserry Vendakkai Kichadi  Pineapple Kichadi
 Kerala Parippu Curry - Onam Sadya Recipe
 Mambazha Mor Kootan, Kerala Mambazha Pulissery, Mor Kuzhambu
 Vendakka Kichadi - Vishu Onam Sadya - Bendakaya Perugu Pachadi
 Pineapple Pachadi or Pineapple Kichadi - Kerala Onam Sadya Recipe - Kerala Onam Sadya Recipe
Beetroot Thayir Pachadi Nellikai Thayir Pachadi Puli Inji Inji Thayir
 Beetroot Raita, Beetroot Perugu Pachadi or Thayir Pachadi
 Nellikai Thayir Pachadi
 Puli Inji, Inji Puli, or Ginger Tamarind, and Jaggery Relish
 Inji Thayir is an essential part of Onam Sadya
Pal Payasam Ada Pradhaman Palada Pradhaman Ela Ada
 Paal or Pal Payasam
 Ada Pradhaman Recipe from Kerala
 Palada Pradhaman - Onam Special Recipe from Kerala
 Elai Adai or Ela Ada
Ela Neer Payasam Pasi Parippu Payasam Kadala Paruppu Pradhaman  Semiya Payasam
 Ela Neer Payasam or Tender Coconut Cooler
 Pesara Pappu or Pasi Paruppu Payasam, Moong Dal Kheer
 Kadala Parippu Pradhaman
 Semiya Payasam, Semiya Kheer, or Vermicelli Pudding

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